Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

family, loved ones, children, grandchildren
home, hearth, fire, chair, reading
Home is Where the Hearth Is

Home….., home is where the hearth is.

That’s my take on a popular quote:

Home is Where the Heart Is
Pliny the Elder

Now I honestly have no idea who Pliny the Elder is but I’m sure a quick search on Google or Wikipedia would answer that question.

Home, is where you are most comfortable, perhaps the happiest. It can be in your own home or somewhere else with a loved one. It’s where you feel content, no false front required or desired. Hopefully home is with those you love most, your family, a wife, your children or your grandchildren.

family, loved ones, children, grandchildren
Family, Loved Ones

Home, where the cares of the world ease, where you can be at peace and problems outside your world evaporate.  It’s a place to care, and be cared for, to love and be loved.

Home ….. is Home.

I also feel at home outside, in my yard. I can be in my garden or just sitting under the maple tree with a book, perhaps a beer at my side and thoughts of relaxation and calmness washing over me. Not a care, nor a concern, a oneness with life and nature ….. hold on, maybe that’s the beer talking. Better take it easy……

adirondack, chair, peaceful, relaxation
Holy Place

I call that place under the maple tree and surrounded by cedars my ‘Holy Place’, and I look forward to visiting it again soon, when the spring sun comes and the warmth takes the snow away. It will be one of my outside homes.

Another area I like to call home is sitting on the deck. It’s a place to catch the morning rays of sun and perhaps the cool breezes as they wash over the space. I’ll likely hear the wind chimes playing their rich tones, like so many church bells tolling their virtues. I’ll be reading there too, or perhaps posting to the blog, or journaling my morning pages. I’ll feel the peace, the warmth of the sun and the calmness.

I will be ok there, in any of those places I call home. I can recognize my fortune and acknowledge my gratitude. It’s good to be home.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

  1. “Home, where the cares of the world ease, where you can be at peace and problems outside your world evaporate. It’s a place to care, and be cared for, to love and be loved.”

    Yes, that is the ideal home, and generally that’s how I feel about my home (my apartment).

    One of the first things I noticed when I was falling into depression was that I started to actively hate my apartment and all the things in it. I simply thought this meant the apartment needed to be redecorated. I mean, this did end in me tearing everything off the walls (my partner followed me around with a cardboard stuff trying to salvage things) and panicking about a particular “evil” curtain fabric for weeks on end (I made him keep it in the car).

    However, during remission, I started loving my home again and realized that it was just me! (Well, me/not-me; it was the depression.)

    Thank you for sharing, Ems

    1. Thanks Ems, if I may call you that.
      My home is my castle as they say, and at this point or time in my life I enjoy it more and more. At times I am concerned I will go too far that way, towards a life where I don’t want to leave, where I neglect that outward human contact that is so important. I don’t believe I’ll become a hermit, only that because I enjoy my own company I won’t leave my home as often as I perhaps should.

      Because I believe my depression was more situational it has lessened since I’ve retired. I hope it continues to abate and my ability to enjoy “life” increases as well.

      Thank YOU for sharing as well. I truly appreciate your comments. I loved your ‘curtain material’ perspective. It shows we are somewhat different than our real selves while we are ‘ill’.
      Take care,

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