Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

The Weekly Photo Challenge, or topic, “Forward”, presented me with a bit of a photographic quandary this week, a true challenge. That’s not really unusual I guess, the ‘challenge’ part. I find myself often challenged, in many ways. My concern was how best to capture the thought.

The keyword ‘Forward’ did seem timely though. Moving forward is something I’ve been thinking about quite a bit lately. The question is ‘How’. The answer: perhaps another post (don’t want to bore you fine people here).

In this case, for the Weekly photo challenge, the forward I had in mind was forward (ahead), to the future.

So many times I think we go forward in the same manner this river rushes, to and fro, so much turbulence and violent activity. No apparent plan, only rushing to our destination.

rushing water, turbulence
Rushing forward

Another perspective or possible method of moving forward would be like the photo below suggests, still to the future but with strict guidelines and parameters. Rigid, unable to divert from the intended path, just moving forward and perhaps not even knowing to what destination. Perhaps even into the fog.

forward, ahead, rails
Going forward

Or finally, maybe we are much as the roadway here portrays, meandering through life in a ‘laissez-faire’ style of living. Comfortable, old fashioned and relaxed.

meander, dirt road, driveway
Meandering road

Hmmm, what kind of ‘Forward’ movement do you subscribe?


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