Where Has the Time Gone?

Time is flying by, to where I know not.

We’ve been away from our house/home for over 2 months now of a potential 6 month gig. I have been asked more than a few times if I would consider staying on permanently but up until now I’ve been non-committal, vague even. I imply more money might sway me, or perhaps I should say the same money. As I’m a contractor/consultant my salary is higher than the norm for that position but bear in mind I get no benefits of any kind, except maybe some free clothes or boots.

Bottom line really is that I don’t care to work. I enjoy some of the tasks thrown my way but the longer I do this job the more I remember what it was like the first time around. My early retirement was for a reason.

I do feel validated however, in demand, wanted shall I say. All feelings that were missing before. I want to write more but I’m tired, another thing I don’t miss.



3 thoughts on “Where Has the Time Gone?

  1. Dwayne! Thank you so much for your comments on my blog! I’ve thought of you often too. You were the very first person who wrote on my blog and you hold a special place in my heart. I need to catch up on what’s been happening in your life. I hope you’re feeling well and enjoying life.

    I can’t get on my blog for some reason and will probably have to start ANOTHER new one! I’m not very smart at blogging.

    1. I’m doing well. I wish I could help with your blogs. If there’s anything I can do I’d like to try. I think I have your email, I’ll send you a note later.

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