Out, and In the Clear

In my efforts to be security conscious when away from my home network I’m using a VPN as I write this. I’m in one of my favourite haunts, a local pub, and while I’m sure nothing will happen (read that I ‘hope’ I don’t get hacked) I felt it prudent to use some safety measures when going online. So far it’s done nothing but frustrate me to no end. I think I’m going to resort to taking my chances with the VPN off. Arghh.

I’m out of the hospital now, have been for almost a week. That was something I hope I never have to experience again. Colon surgery can be a cake-walk I’m sure, but not so much if you ask me. In reality the surgery itself went well, I assume anyway as I was out for all of it. It was the post-op that was not so fun.

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Another Day

Today is another day and the day has begun as the last couple of days have here, here being in Edmonton, Alberta. The coffee is brewing and the mush (porridge) is awaiting our lips.

We are here for reasons not desirable, reasons undesirable in fact, reasons no one wants to have, that of coming to see a family member that is critically ill in the hospital. In this case it’s my sister who had surgery last Friday, and, as a result of post surgery complications has reached what the doctor has determined is “a life threatening” condition.

At this time she is holding, perhaps gaining some ground, but still in a tenuous place. She’s a fighter though and we have the belief she will pull through, pull through to share another day.

Cataracts Be Gone

My wife is having surgery to have one of her cataracts removed. It’s been on her mind a lot lately, rightly so I’m sure.

I’ve never had this type of surgery before so I can’t say I know what it’s like. Cataract surgery, or any surgery on your eyes, would have to be pretty intimidating. Knowing that these ultra sharp instruments are coming at your only visual link to the world would freak me out.

I feel for her though, I can “see” her point of view.