Hey, my name is Dwayne. I had thought early in the process of writing this blog that I wasn’t really sure how much I wanted to reveal about myself, although likely my first name is safe enough.

I am told I am suffering from depression. I put it like that because it’s a label I’m not comfortable with at this time. I’m sure that comfort will come.

In my counseling, which I’ll get into more later, it’s also suggested I’m “gifted”.  Another label that puts me off. What little reading I’ve done on the subject suggests that the same opinion is had by others that have been labelled the same..

More on that to come as well.

I will try to post every day, and generally do. Over time I will fill in the blanks regarding what my life looks like.

Where this is all factual stuff some of the characters names have been changed to protect the innocent.. At this point in time I want desperately to spill my guts, and I want others to read this and find some benefit but I am still very cautious of posting something that may inadvertently cause someone hurt should they read it and recognize their character, assuming whatever I posted was not to their liking.

The characters are:
Mo – loving wife,
Ay – loving daughter, younger of 2 girls,
Tr – daughter, loved but not currently in a relationship with, I will likely talk about this more at some point,
Sh – son, youngest of all, passed away in 2000. This will also likely be commented on,
Gloria – obviously named, hopefully this won’t be an issue, she’s my councellor/therapist and she has enlightened me in many ways
Dad – father, in care facility in another city
Mom – living in basement


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